Junior Data Engineer


As an junior engineer for Presence, you will be responsible for creating new apps and features, making existing ones better, and improving the speed, reliability, scalability, and efficiency of our software.

What We’re Made Of

At Presence, we like to live on the cutting edge. Our client apps utilize the latest Microsoft Azure technologies and are built on top of the .NET Core 2 framework and AngularJS, utilizing multiple data stores on the backend. We value our scrumban agile methodologies, love regular releases, and learning/teaching new skills.

What You’re Made Of

  • A passion for solving difficult and novel problems
  • A desire to work with the newest technologies and APIs
  • Attention to small details, often noticing things others don’t
  • Pride (and joy) in keeping it simple
  • Analytical skills and the desire to learn independently or with limited guidance
  • An open mind and a love for trying new things and generating new ideas
  • An understanding of the principles of architectural design

Skills Needed

  • SQL: Writing and executing quality stored procedures, functions, T-SQL queries
  • SQL: Experience with jobs, views, indexes, query performance tuning, transactions, etc.
  • NoSQL experience (Azure Cosmos preferred)
  • Experience working with PowerShell
  • Proficient with git

Bonus Skills

  • Knowledge of application development on the MS Azure platform
  • DevOps familiarity
  • Data security, monitoring, threat detection
  • Data analysis/machine learning experience
  • Knowledge of modern encryption techniques
  • Experience using VSTS
  • Extreme affinity for organization, processes, and helpful tools (Git, Slack, Kanban)
  • Self-management of your priorities
  • Growth-oriented (passionate about joining a startup team)
  • Team-oriented (collaboration, communication)

We love shipping, iterating, and learning. If you do too, you’re a perfect fit.

Along with your application, please also send:

  • How you think your skills and values will fit what we need (Not just a resume)
  • Links to social media, online hacker community profiles (github, HN, stackoverflow, etc.), and/or your website

Starting salary $45,000+, plus company benefits.

To apply for this job please visit www.presence.io.